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Lucky Grand Lotto 6/55 Player Wins Over P111 Million Jackpot Prize

6/55 grand lotto winner

A Big Win: Someone Lucky Won Over P111 Million in Grand Lotto 6/55


One lucky person won a huge jackpot prize of more than P111 million in the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw on a Monday. They picked the numbers 55-50-06-45-12-40 and took home P111,039,686.

However, in another major lotto draw that happened on the same day, the Megalotto 6/45, there was no winner. The winning numbers for that one were 32-39-26-21-37-06, and the prize would have been P8,910,000.

This win is special because it’s been a while since someone won over P100 million in a lotto. The last time was on August 28, when a Megalotto 6/45 player won P101,344,365.20 with the numbers 09-30-28-45-31-05.

Before this recent win, the Grand Lotto 6/55 jackpot hadn’t been won since July 12. The winner back then got P29,700,000 with the numbers 19-32-25-12-17-36. The winning ticket was bought in Pagsanjan, Laguna.

Just a week earlier, on July 5, another person won the Grand Lotto 6/55 jackpot and took home P58,983,172.20 with the numbers 05-01-27-26-44-11. The winning ticket was purchased in Asinan, Bugallon, Pangasinan.

If you win a lotto jackpot, you need to go to the PCSO main office in Mandaluyong with your winning ticket and two valid IDs to claim your prize. It’s important to keep your ticket in good condition because damaged tickets can’t be claimed. Also, make sure to sign your ticket when you buy it because only the person who signed it can claim the prize.

The PCSO also helps winners with managing their money wisely, giving them advice on how to handle their newfound wealth. This recent win in the Grand Lotto 6/55 shows that dreams can come true, and it’s a reminder of the exciting possibilities that lotto offers.

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