royal fishing

Royal Fishing

Publish Time:  2019
Highest Multiplier:  350x
Supported Platforms:  Window / Android / Mac / HTML5


World of Royal Fishing is a captivating and groundbreaking fishing game that guarantees an addictive experience from beginning to end. With stunning attention to detail and lifelike gameplay set in the vast ocean, this is a game you absolutely cannot afford to overlook.



Summon dragon wrath

1. As the player shoots, their wrath value increases. Once it reaches maximum, they can summon the Dragon Wrath by clicking a button, resulting in a powerful meteorite attack across the screen’s center.

2. The wrath value bar is converted according to the bet proportion. The skill unleashed depends on the current bet, and the accumulated wrath value is reset after the skill is used.

3. If the player leaves or disconnects from the game for 3 minutes, the wrath value is cleared.

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