Bombing Fishing

Publish Time:  2019
Highest Multiplier:  1200x
Supported Platforms:  Window / Android / Mac / HTML5


Experience the ultimate thrill of Bombing Fishing, the exciting game that takes fishing to new heights! Featuring groundbreaking modes like gold bombs and torpedo attacks, Bombing Fishing promises to elevate your gaming experience. Prepare for a multitude of surprises and endless fun. Download now and dive into the excitement!



Bounty Game

When capturing a Bounty Crab, rolling a die can activate the Bounty Game, where you are granted free laser cannon charges. Catching crabs during this game can lead to substantial rewards, with prizes reaching up to 1200 times the initial amount. The Joy Hall offers rewards of up to 600 times the initial amount.

Free Nuclear Bomb

bombing fishing

In Joy Hall’s chip games, Golden Bombs are utilized.

           1. As the player fires, they gather energy which can be used to unleash a powerful nuclear bomb, attacking a wide area, by pressing a specific button.

           2. The energy meter is determined by the bet ratio and the release of free Nuclear Bombs is based on the current bet.

           3. When the player exits the game or gets disconnected, the energy will be reset after three minutes.

           4. If the energy meter remains full for three minutes, the system will automatically activate it.

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