Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing

Publish Time:  2019
Highest Multiplier:  Jackpots
Supported Platforms:  Window / Android / Mac / HTML5


Join our exciting new game, Jackpot Fishing! Catch a variety of fish and win amazing prizes. Get ready to accumulate wealth by targeting and capturing specific fish that offer lucrative rewards.



Jackpot Fishing System

Chance to win Jackpot:

  1. Jackpot Dragon
  2. Jackpot Fish
  3. Treasure Bowl
  4. Immortal Ocean King (King Squid, Golden Shark)
  5. Special fish species

(Armored Fish, Anglerfish, Fortune Terrapin)

Jackpot Fish and Jackpot Dragon offer increased jackpot-winning odds.

Rules for getting Jackpots

  1. JILI Jackpot: Bet over 5 for multiplied Jackpots, over 10 for re-multiplied Jackpots, and higher bets yield higher Jackpots.
  2. Lucky Jackpot: Bet over 0.8 for a chance to win, over 2 for multiplied Jackpots.
  3. Speed Jackpot: Bet over 0.2 for a chance to win, over 0.6 for multiplied Jackpots.

The higher the bet, higher the Jackpot.

Note: Official backend data applies in case of any malfunction causing abnormal game data display.

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